Persuasive Essay On Self-Driving

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Imagine a world where there are humans that can send out their cars to pick up items or do their chores while they can do something else. It 's an important issue because many car dealers/ makers are implementing these into the real world making some people uncomfortable and some who just can 't wait. Cars self-driving could be a great idea because it can bring safety into our world that we don 't have with human drivers because of human error. Although this would help people out, and make daily life easier, it could cause the economy to fall dramatically and make people lose their jobs. In addition, this could make the world and the people more efficient because the cars would be convenient and help people out tremendously.…show more content…
Finally having these new vehicles would be more convenient towards the people saving time in their life they could spend doing something else to be more productive. “Imagine getting in your car, typing or speaking a location into your vehicles interface, then letting it drive you to your destination while you read a book, surf the web or nap.” (Text 1, 1-2) This illustrates that people could do multiple things at once while the car drives itself, people would like this because some feel very unsafe while driving or anxiety levels rise. Google cars could/ will relieve a lot of stress people have while driving because they are afraid they might get in accident. “On the other hand, if these cars are owned by individuals, I see a huge rise in the number of trips, and vehicle miles traveled. People will send out their car to run errands they would never have to do if they had to be in a car and waste their own time.” (Text 1, 32). In other words, human can be more efficient with their time while their car can be sent out to the grocery store or local gas station to get a tank of gas while the owner does stuff around the house or is at their job. Google cars would make people 's lives much easier in the fact that they can be sent out to do a chore that requires no person or many new pickup services can be created this opens many new opportunities for the

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