Decriminalization Of Prostitution

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Imagine being trapped among countless people who don’t value your life but instead see you as an object for their own pleasure, people who proceed to throw you to whoever wants you next after they are finished and got what they wanted. Horrific events such as this are happening all around the world. Specifically, girls in Minnesota who are being sold as if they are commodities, and traded for unjust acts such as rape or other heinous acts the buyer desire. Many women who have been caught in the sex trafficking system have been charged for prostitution instead of helped and viewed as victims. Decriminalizing girls that have been forced into sex trafficking, and working to find those buying and selling girls of all ages will create a motive…show more content…
Programs such as this not only help girls recover but try to make others more aware of the threatening situations happening all around them. The way the situation is viewed is crucial to how people react to it. When girls are viewed as prostitutes that are bought and sold people have less remorse for them. However, in the article “Changing Perceptions of Sex Trafficking” it’s expressed that, “There’s a real shift in key terms in the articles from framing the issue more and more as sex trafficking” (1). How the issue is viewed has a critical effect on how others will deal with the issue as well as how they will treat those that have been directly affected by the traumatic events. Everyone needs to be aware of the seriousness of the issue of sex trafficking and all it entails. It is also extremely important that people everywhere are aware of the signs that sex trafficking is occurring, especially in common areas such as airports and hotels. A subprogram of The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota called “MN Girls Are Not for Sale” are out to “train hotel and transportation workers in identifying the signs of sex trafficking” (1). With a wider variety of people trained to recognize the specific signs of sex trafficking there is a better chance to help girls by calling the right people to take care of the situation where ever the signs are noticed. Women trapped in sex trafficking desperately searching for a way out need to know there are numerous organizations ready and willing to jump at the chance to help. Organizations are connected with one another all over the United States and are not out to gain money but to guide and support girls in need. The article “MN Girls Are Not for Sale” explains they, “are working in partnership with more than 40 anti-sex trafficking
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