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Sex trafficking, the words alone are enough to send chills down my spine. Let alone children and sex trafficking, but what about children in America being used in sex trafficking rings. Now it should resonate within the hearts and minds of all Americans. This is not an issue that is across the border or across a sea. This is happening to 100,000 children in America, or more (Fang).
Why is this important to me?
I have worked with children since was a 14 years old. I love kids; I adore working with them. I have been babysitting for one couple since 2012. Three years may not seem like a long time, but it is when you are watching children grow. Carson and Mary Kathryn are like my brother and sister, they are my babies. Thinking about them and
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That’s right. Human trafficking has been reported in every single state in the United States (Resources and Publications). These are things that are not only happening in a faraway land. It is an issue on the home front. It is one of those things that is easy to feel sad about and just brush off because it does not really affect you. But, what if it did? This could be happening to kids within this community. Kids that should be getting an education, but aren’t because of these unfortunate circumstances they are placed in. Just for a minute, imagine this. One of your kids is kidnapped and manipulated into trusting a man who ends up using them for their own profits. Your child is then taken from truck stop to truck stop to be used by men. Your child is forced to work in a strip club because they have been told if they tell anyone that bad things will happen to you. Your child was raped to prepare them for what they were going to have to do. Your child is now so emotionally damaged that they are not themselves anymore. They are probably addicted to drugs now because that is something that they were introduced to while they were in these dangerous situations. This would change your whole entire life. This is actually happening. Children around the country are going through this and even more. If you do not think that this is an important problem then let me leave you with this, these children are the future of this

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