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You might have played or run for 3 or 4 years, and you have never had a problem with your shoe laces, but that first time comes, and you curse your whole shoes out. A regular shoe tie can certainly come undone, which brings about an unsafe situation. If your shoes aren’t tied properly, then your foot will move around far more inside the sneaker.

This will only get worse as the laces loosen more and more with each step that you take. You also risk on stepping on your shoe laces, have somebody el¬se step on them, or get your laces stuck in difficulty environment. This is usually preceded by falling down, which is a good thing to avoid.

Professional basketball players are quick on their feet. They are always compelled to act quickly when changing their directions, running or
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The problem with this, unlike it being very difficult to untie, is that truth even if you create a ribbon knot underneath the laces, They can still be very long if the knot above both bases comes undone. However, you may not lose the structure of your shoe, but you can still tighten up the lace and trip.

You can avoid this menace by ensuring that the shoe laces are properly tied. The laces should be in a criss-cross pattern going through each eyelet.

• Step two
The second step is to double knot your basketball shoes. Reknot your loops after tying a regular bow tie knot. When you finish tying the normal bow tie, you can start a balanced reefed knot by crossing the right lace over the left one and then take the left lace up right. Pull the laces firmly against the shoe.

Your shoes will rarely have laces untied after doing this although you will have a very difficult time getting the knot out before you are done.

• Step three
Make a loop with the wide lace on the left, and hold the bottom of the loop between thumb and pointer finger.

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