Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Shoes

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How many times have you been outside without shoes and hurt your foot or had to do a little dance to avoid stepping on rocks. Well, I have and every time I do I wish I would’ve taken that extra second to put on some shoes. I have had many mishaps outside because I didn’t put any shoes. Once I went outside really quick and I stepped on a rusty nail. It really hurt but I was okay. I didn’t learn my lesson this time and a few months I went back outside and stepped on another rusty nail. It was the same nail, in the same spot and around the same time, except for this time the nail went deeper. I should’ve learned my lesson by now right? Wrong, I didn’t learn my lesson and I went outside one more time without shoes and this time I didn’t step on a nail, I stepped on broken glass. The glass went into the ball of my foot and was close to touching the bone this could’ve…show more content…
There are many types of shoes for different sports. There are cleats for softball, baseball, and soccer; there are high-tops for basketball, spikes for track, and many more. Cleats and spikes are used to help the traction so you won’t slip any when you run. They help keep your foot on the ground and get a better grip on the ground. They are like some tennis shoes but are usually made of a plastic or rubber material and have rubber or metal blades on the bottom. Basketball high-tops are used to protect the ankle and get a better grip on the floor. They are like tennis shoes but the ankle is higher up. Shoes don’t only help with athletic enhancements, but they can prevent injuries or make them better. If you wear unsupportive flip flops or high heels all the time you might have lower back or ankle problems. These shoes are more for fashion than anything else but you can still have back problems if you wear tennis shoes. You can still fix these problems with insoles, a removable sole that can help with fit and absorb

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