Counter Terrorism Case Studies

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As stated by the Human Rights Committee target killing should be used as a punishment and the principle of proportionality should be given utmost consideration. The guidelines to the military commander and complaints should be spelled out clearly. All the measures to arrest a person who is suspected to commit attacks of terror should be exhausted.
In some areas, states have clearly adopted shoot to kill policies. , the High Commissioner for Human Rights has emphasized on ensuring that every act of counter terrorism, from the police to prison officers must be within the law. Extreme vigilance should be applied by the ones in power. There should not be any form abuse of power and there should be a culture of respect for law. Human rights law
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2. [2005] NSWSC 317
[2005] NSWSC 358
3. First non Muslim related terrorist charges1
In this case three Melbourne men were charged for supporting the liberation tiger of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka.
4. Belal Khazaal2
Belal Khazaal was charged for inciting terrorism by launching a book named jihad. He was later found guilty by the NSW Supreme Court.

Within the context discussed above, terrorism is in many regards a mode of attack than being an institution or an entity. There is probably no culture or society of terrorists that are distinctive in appearance or are bound by a particular geography. Nationalism, political expression and religious extremism are totally heavy motivators for security terrorism.
Nationalism being the largest motive, foreign fighters have started joining the cause, invoking jihad and using religion as a motivator to promote international terrorism.
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Economic well being, social justice and political aspirations have to be achieved immediately. In a country like India, this is going to take a long time therefore we have to take some serious and substantial efforts and plan against this issue. The citizens of the nation have to be energized and made aware and responsible for the well being of the nation. Special Forces for special tasks need to be deployed and have to be trained accordingly. A policy framework on the internal security of the nation by the home ministry needs to be

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