Persuasive Essay On Should Athletes Get Overpaid

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Athletes Get Overpaid

Imagine you're a surgeon that works day and night to get the money that you’ve earned then you go home and you start watching T.V. and you figure out that athletes that play games that little kids play for fun are getting paid twice and even 3 times more than you get in a lifetime. Therefore, athletes are getting overpaid and they get paid way more than others. Many athletes all over the world start to struggle financially because of all this money and responsibility. To begin with, they get overwhelmed with this money and most of these athletes are young and don’t even know how to open a bank account and manage all this money. Also, these athletes think that this money will keep coming and they don’t need to worry about it but eventually it stops and they have nowhere to go and start to struggle. Finally, 78% of athletes are either bankrupt or in financial trouble within 2 years of retirement. In conclusion, these athletes are getting overpaid and being overwhelmed with all this money and they
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First of all, soldiers, firefighters and many others risk not only their bodies but their lives and they train hard and work hard to protect and serve a community , but they still don’t get as much money as people who play a sport that is not essential and is just for entertainment. Second, some athletes get paid from 20 to 100 million and most people get paid 2% that amount.Finally, they made games safer for athletes to play so there is a lower risk of damage to their bodies. Also, a baseball player that makes 19 million for hitting a ball with a bat makes more money than most households can make in a lifetime. In conclusion , this is another reason why athletes are overpaid.
As a result, athletes get overpaid and people should reduce their salaries because it is not fair to other people that actually help the

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