Pros And Cons Of Single-Sex Classes

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Single-sex classes are not always a smart idea. For younger grades sure but as middle school starts, they should not be separated because the goal of school is to get young people prepared for the job environment and real life. Keeping girls separated from boys will only serve to harm them as they enter the real world. Another goal of schooling is to help you become who you would like to be in a supportive environment with friends from all of the walks of life, whether or not they be female, male, transgender, straight or gay. Hanging out with the same gender for six hours a day without a glimpse of other people who could become their friends would only hurt students as personalities are all different. Most personality traits clash and fight with each other, and so people look to others that have the same traits or can easily understand them for comfort. One huge part of school is to figure out who…show more content…
They do not reinforce the idea that it is okay to have friends from a different gender or interests commonly placed with the opposite sex. It does not make any student more efficient, in fact it can bring down performance for some individuals who are unable to keep their minds on their work when surrounded by people they are less comfortable with. Everyone is different and everyone does something in a unique way, or however they were taught by parents or by teachers and family or friends. Would you be able to focus if you had to have people around you all of the time that you don’t get along well with? Single-sex education does not benefit anyone, and in studies done, it proved to be useless in helping to teach students. All this does is teach children the idea that stereotyping is good, and to follow society for who they should

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