Essay About My Flaws

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Human beings are unique Nobody looks exactly the same This uniqueness is what distinguishes one person from the other .This is what makes them worthy .
Problem statement :
Many People think they are not unique but flawed
Reason :lack of believe in themselves and influence of the society
They think they are not good compared to other individuals Such individuals lose interest in their lives and find ways to abandon themselves from the world and people.
Proposed solution :
An ideology to be proposed by which people recognize that they are not flawed but unique .Way by which they start taking their flaws positively . People should think : THEY ARE FLAWSOME . A theory that would probably change the way people think about themselves and a way through
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My skin is the flaw I want to share. It’s a chronic skin condition where the skin becomes, itchy, reddened, cracked, and dry. I’ve had eczema all of my life and living with this has been tough. Skin is the largest organ of the body so it’s the first thing people see. I’ve had to deal with being told that I have a flaw and that it is a flaw.
How do you embrace your flaw?
I have learned to love me and my body for the way it is. There was a mixture of people who would say things that make me regret I had it and people who told me it’s not that bad that I am still beautiful with it. It came down to what side I listened to and believed. I had to redefined what beauty was to me and I had to gain the confidence to wear what I wanted even if it was revealing. It’s become a part of me and it’s sort of like my “signature”. Come to find out people don’t really notice it much. At the same time I learned not to care what others thought.
Would you change your flaw?
I wouldn’t change my flaw whatsoever; because of my flaw I have the confidence to wear what I want and to do what I want without the permission of others. Its apart of my identity and what I stand for, and without it would take away from who I am
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