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Skydive in Nepal The ultimate adventure which will take you to the extreme heights of thrill and adventure, skydiving in Nepal , is the most popular in the adventure world but taking only few steps ahead while getting renowned all over the world day by day. After the successful operation of Everest skydiving for 6 years and running, another one, Pokhara skydiving has been added and been in run for a couple of years now. As you know, sky is the limit and it never ends. Though Everest skydiving is comparatively very expensive but since one can fly near the nose of Everest with the parachute, the enthusiasts are willing to pay the price. In contrast, Pokhara skydiving is a lot cheaper and can still be done in the nose of other Himalayan peaks…show more content…
If you choose to withdraw in between the operation, we are not obliged to pay the amount back. Ready? Contact us. Everest skydive The most elite adventure in the world is Everest skydiving which remains the dream of many. CNN has also ranked it as 8th out of 50 ‘Best Adventure Event’ organized throughout the world under the title ‘Try before you die’. Once you freefall, the adrenaline rush you get, the eye-feasting views with the backdrop of Everest you see and the whole experience will be a lifetime memory and achievement for you. Jumping off the AS350 helicopter from 23000 ft and landing at Syangboche airport (12,350 ft) or Amadablam base camp (15000 ft) is undeniably the best of all adventures. Following the success of Everest Skydive(2008), it’s being continually done every year in Oct/Nov. A total of 349 jumps has already been done successfully. If you are eager to accomplish this dream adventure, join us ASAP since the seats are limited. Highlights: • Skydiving in the nose of Mount

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