Synthesis Essay: The Importance Of Sleep

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I lie awake yet remained paralyzed. Sitting alone sandwiched between two cotton sheets I stare into the midnight abyss of my ceiling. From the corner of my room stands a single illuminated tv silently playing episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Breaking this moment of tension, I reach for my phone to see what time it is . Pressing the power button revealed my worst fear: it was 2 o’clock in the morning. As it is apparent from this example, sleep is not my strong suit. However, this situation is not limited to just me. In fact, millions from across the nation go through the exact same process of tossing and turning to no avail every night. In consequence of this, the effects of such habits can be seen through society and our lives. It does not have…show more content…
When it comes to sleep, as many already know, there are various stages. However, what is rarely covered is the stages other than REM (rapid eye movement). The first stage encountered on a nightly basis is that of NREM 1 (stage 1). In this stage, our bodies essentially start to slow down various bodily functions such as breathing and pulse (“sleep”, n.d). Next comes NREM 2 (stage 2). The human body slows down its functions even further with brain activity slowing down to where there are brief pulses of electrical activity (“sleep”, n.d). Nextly, comes NREM 3 where the brain spends most of the time. It is here where functions such as breathing and pulse reach their lowest levels. Not only this, but it is during this time where vital processes happen that allows the body to function. Some of the various processes that occur include bone repair, muscle repair,tissue growth, and human growth hormone (HGH) (“What happens sleep”,n.d), Once this repairative state of sleep passes, lastly , comes the most widely talked about stage known as REM. Here, is where most of our dreams occur and is where all our arm and leg muscles become paralyzed to prevent us from reenacting our dreams; not only this but brain activity flourishes (“sleep”,n.d). While this does not directly affect why individuals should sleep more, the amount you increase or restrict daily hrs, does.With such vital processes and stages occuring while sleeping, it comes as no surprise that affecting the number of yours you sleep directly affects your health, both for positive and for negative. It also lies here where the major benefits of sleeping more take place

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