Persuasive Essay On Slow Drivers

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David Odom Rafael Gonzales English 102 13 February 2018 Driving slow in the fast lanes Driving can be frustrating. It doesn 't matter when, where, or what but its frustrating. An issue that needs to be addressed is Arizona drivers who drive slow in the fast lane. Little do they know this adds extra danger as well as frustration to the equation. Slow drivers are way to common. Some people at some point have had a run in with a slow driver. Even though driving slowly is not a crime, it frustrates us. The reason this paper is being written is not to bag on slow drivers, but to make slow drivers who specifically drive slow in the fast lane about the danger that them doing this can cause. I understand that some people might think, "what 's the problem …show more content…

The question now is, why is he the one mad? I didn 't do anything wrong. This whole incident occurred because he moved over into the far-left lane where I was barreling east at 90 mph. The people that want to drive fast don 't mind people who pull into our lane ahead of us if they give us room and if they speed up to go with the flow of the traffic on the highway or even in town. At the specific time that I was headed over to Scottsdale it was not very busy. There was a very miniscule amount of people in all the lanes. Yet, when a slow person pulls out into the fast lane in messes up the flow of traffic and keeping up with the flow of traffic is everything. It allows for traffic to keep moving at a good constant speed and kind of disables the amount of traffic that gets consumed in rush hour every day from 3 pm to 7 pm. So not only does slow driving in the fast lane affect the flow of traffic, but it can affect entire rush hour traffic as well. As we know, 1.3 million people die in car crashes a year. And the real problem that causes these horrific accidents is the difference in speed rather than speed itself. As you have probably experienced, while some folks on the highway may go fast than the

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