Persuasive Essay On Smart Phones

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Over the course of the last 12 years the reliability of smartphones has tremendously increased. Researcher has found smartphones are a daily activity for not only youth but older adults in their 50’s aswell (Kerchner 5). Smartphones tends to do a really good job of consolidating all things you may be able to find on internet sources, radio and television as far as getting scores, from your favorite basketball or football team on television or maybe a constant news feed from CNN, or maybe to even watching television by itself or listening to your favorite radio show on your phone. And over the last three years the expected age for young adults and children to have a smartphones has reduced in ages. According to (The Evolution of Today’s Digital Natives) Kids are expected to have their first smartphone at the age of ten years old. At the tender age of eleven, thirty-nine percent of children in the U.S are accustomed to having an active social media account with their new smartphones (Donovan 1). Due to the constant overuse of phones and not only public places but inside of the home. The FCC federal communications commission has been doing ongoing research since 2004 trying to prove that the use of radio and television frequencies are taking up too much room and maybe in some aspects even antiquated. Whether you know it or not the frequencies used for anything wireless are owned by the government microwaves, phones, garage openers, broadcast frequencies all of
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