Persuasive Essay On Smart Technology

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Generally, when we speak of being bullied, we often refer to the devastation someone has faced and its consequences. However, in today’s society the odds of being publicly humiliated are fairly slim, as students and peers are venting towards social media for revenge. But with Smart-Tech I am offering you security by allowing you to freely control what is to be aired on your social media devices. Social media, which was developed to facilitate communication and entertainment has lost its sole purpose, due to the improvements in technology that are supposedly developing our lives. However, this technology that we have created has become the ultimate form of bettering standard of living; and to me any mechanism that can be used for such, can also be used to control. Thus, I believe technology poses a serious threat to mankind; nevertheless, we see the different organizations who have created Facebook, YouTube and Twitter use these upgrades to better their software; unaware of the mischief it creates, as it makes it easier for students and peers to terrorize each other, anonymously. For several years, we have watched parents and guardians mourn the losses of their children as a result of being cyber bullied. Cyberbullies, who are ordinary people just like you and I, use the different social media platforms to attack others generally because they believe they will not be caught or these devices makes it easier for those rascals to intimidate others for fun. In addition, many
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