Persuasive Essay On Smartphones

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Through a course of time, technology has advanced itself in order to serve as a tool for humanity. It is that one aspect in our world that will continue to grow and develop itself in order to become better. One that has become accustomed in our daily living, and something that fits in the palm of everyone’s hand, the smartphone. Smartphones are defined, via Google, as cellular devices that has the intelligence to act as a computer. These cellular devices have mobile features such as a fitting size, touchscreen, running applications and has the ability to be connected with computers and laptops. Smartphones such as the eminent “Apple iPhone” or “Androids”, both serve the same purpose and its qualities is the reason why we call it the “smartphone”.…show more content…
Instructors need to be precautious of students misusing their smartphones as well. “It can be overused and used in ways that aren't educationally meaningful.” While a teacher lectures, and allows students to use their smartphones to take notes, they could be changing channels and going on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere. This also causes issues such as “cheating, visiting inappropriate websites, sexting or overuse.” There is no way to monitor every student and their mobile device and making sure that they stay disciplined enough to stick with their assignment and not going on anything elsewhere. From experience, when I was in high school, we were able to use our smartphones to take notes during a lecture, do assignments through apps, and much more. The school had a Wifi system which blocked certain sites in order for students to not access them while in school. But at the same time, it did not limit all of the sites. Such as iPhones, you can switch apps and go back and forth and know one would notice because that is how fast it works. While taking notes, students would switch to texting messaging, twitter, or watch a YouTube videos. Teachers may never know who is “engaged” or
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