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Humanity, justly, is preoccupied with its wellbeing. We are easily terrorized by many aspects of public health including but not limited to novel infectious agents, increasing prevalence of common diseases such as obesity and even the potential of bioterrorism. It is difficult to comprehend how a species that seems to be so concerned about their health, has for generations turned a blind eye to a major public health concern. Deaths due to tobacco are completely preventable. Although we have made some impressive strides towards ending this loss of life, clearly more work needs to be done. After a century and a half of interacting with this public health phenomena (first commercialized cigarette sold in 1865 from a tobacco farm in North Carolina), we have come to understand it well, how it affects us, why it’s widespread and how it should be prevented. In spite of the many efforts and strategies aimed at hindering the spread of tobacco, it…show more content…
About 20 years ago, a non-significant percentage of institutions required a smoke-free workplace or smoke-free hospitality venues. Today, 11% of the world’s population live in countries that regulate smoke-free areas. Currently, smoke free polices revolve around workplaces, restaurants and bars. There has been a steady increase in smoke-free laws that involved shared public spaces or housing units. The rise in smoke-free polices is expected with the more prominent data that documents the risk of second hand smoking. Over the next 20 years these laws and regulations may very well continue to spread into more public areas and outdoor parks. Smoke-free policies generally affect the non-smoker and have hence gotten widespread public support1,2. This support by the public is backed by evidence released from the American Heart Association that smoke free legislation was associated with lower risk of smoke related diseases, ranging from cardiovascular to

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