Should Smoking Be Allowed

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Every tobacco user makes a choice, that choice is whether they should continue this destructive addictive dependency or stop it from taking over their lives; smokers regret the time which they have to make this choice as just the thought of quitting brings them chills. Smoking should be prohibited, not for the underage, not for specific people but for everybody! If smoking is prohibited it will force people to quit and it will show them that they are not only able to survive without cigarettes or e-cigarettes, but without them they are feeling their best. Moreover, they are happier because they have just quit what has been destructing their health every day. It does not matter if it is smoked or inhaled second hand, it is hazardous. The most…show more content…
Is it worth continuing this habit just for a couple minutes of relaxation or happiness? Now, many people might say quitting smoking can cause weight gain, which in turn also increases your risk of knee replacement. Weight loss is not very demanding; also, slight weight gain is not as bad as dying prematurely. Knee replacement is classified as one of the easiest surgeries with a very low mortality rate. Knee replacement has a high 30-day survival rate which is more than a 99% “The 30-day mortality rate for a total knee replacement (TKR) is about 1 in 400, or 0.25 percent. That means that 99.75 percent of those who undergo this surgery survive the treatment. Researchers in the U.K. reported in The Bone & Joint Journal that they looked at almost 2,500 people who had a TKR over a 10-year span.” (Healthline Content Creators) Also, knee replacement is not even very common in athletes so why would it be common in a smoker who is deciding to become more active
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