Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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Smoking cigarettes has increasingly lost popularity over the last few decades, tobacco ads were banned from television and a multitude of research has pointed at cigarettes as the cause of a myriad of cancers. On the rise however, is the use of the electronic cigarette or e-cig. The e-cig uses a battery driven heating element to vaporize a fluid generally made of “nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, water and flavourings” (Farsalinos et al, 2501) which when inhaled, delivers nicotine to the respiratory system. The assumption is that vaping is much safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes because the user is inhaling a water based vapor rather than smoke loaded with carcinogenic chemicals. The first patent records of electronic cigarettes appeared in the 1920s, however due to the FDA the idea stalled until 2003 when a Chinese company developed an e-cig with the intent of targeting smoking cessation. In 2010 vaping really started to gain popularity in the United States and has gained steam ever since. The e-cig first commercially appeared in China in 2003 when a pharmaceutical company want to sell a smoking device to help people with quitting tobacco (When Did Vaping Become a Thing, 1). Unlike traditional cigarettes, users of e-cigs can purchase vape fluids with less or even no nicotine content giving them the ability to control the nicotine intake and wean themselves from first the addiction and then the habit. A study that was published in the British Medical Journal
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