Persuasive Essay On Smoking In Public

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Smoking in public is a very controversial topic and has almost no conclusion. As smokers continue to smoke in public places, they not only affect their own health but they even endanger the other people around them. Though every person in today’s world has the privilege to live freely, they aren’t allowed to cause harm to the other people intentionally or unintentionally. It is impossible to escape the exposure of nicotine, the stench of tobacco and the harmful side effects of second hand smoke. It is widely known that smoking causes cancer and other health issues but people still continue the habit of smoking cigarettes in public. It is nearly impossible for a non-smoker to be away from smoke because of the recent increase in the number of…show more content…
Providing designated smoking areas in public places will result in not only an advantage to non-smoker but also the smokers in general. The smokers will no longer have to go through the disgust and the loath the non-smokers have toward them. I strongly believe that smoking in public should be made illegal and putting a ban on public smoking is the right…show more content…
Overall it is clear that it should be illegal to smoke in public areas. This would definitely lead us to a safe and an improved environment. By enforcing the law against public smoking the health of thousands and millions of people can be saved. The best way of reducing the amount of smoke is through creating awareness among the population and educating people about the ill effects of smoking in public. Knowing about the harmful effects of smoking will lead to a greater number of people to quit smoking and result in a brighter and greener future for mankind. I personally feel that smoking in public should be made illegal because it is not right for non-smokers to be affected by the bad decisions of a smoker. A non-smoker has the equal right to breath fresh

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