Should Smoking Be Banned On Campus Essay

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Smoking is the most well-known health and environmental issue in the United States. Smoking is a mixed topic, there has been controversy over it for years, especially on college campuses. Smoking on campus has been an important matter of debate many oppose it and many support it. Tobacco smoking on Francis Marion University (FMU) is not allowed. Frustrating many people that are on campus. With implementing a smoke ban on a college campus comes many groups of opposition and appreciation from students, faculty and staff, administrators, and visitors. Students make up the largest group of people on campus, thus they also make up the largest group of smokers on campus. Student smokers would not support the ban, arguing that they are adults and are of the age to smoke legally. They may say that smoking relieves stress and if they were to suddenly stop smoking after moving on campus, they would likely have withdraw symptoms causing frustration likely leading to poor performance in school. However, smokers should be wary of the college smoking policy before attending. I am sure that if they smoke, they will do it anyway because I have a friend on campus that does smoke and he smokes on campus. Unlike students that…show more content…
I am sure there are many smokers but the majority most likely are nonsmokers. Faculty and staff that smoke would most likely not support the ban, arguing that not being allowed to smoke on campus can create a traffic rush due to people leaving during breaks to smoke thus causing vehicle accidents. Also, not smoking whenever can have students skipping class or leaving from class early to smoke thus possibly hindering good grades and reducing attention in class. Faculty and staff that do not smoke would support the ban, citing that faculty and staff that smoke can have a negative influence on students and a loss in respect among peers. Ultimately, faculty and staff would support the
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