Pros Of Cigarette Smoking

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According to the latest analysis done by the University of Washington in 2012, the statistics showed that 6.25 trillion people worldwide smoked cigarettes. However, some people will wonder, what does cigarette smoking actually mean? Cigarette smoking is the process of inhaling more than a thousand kinds of chemicals or smoke constituents such as Tar, Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide (CO) into the lungs and all these chemicals will cause harm to the entire body system such as the central nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system as well as digestive system, and in the process, jeopardise one’s health. (“The effects on smoking on the body”, 2014). As time pass, all these chemicals will gradually cause cancer especially lung cancer…show more content…
Smoking is hazardous to health, the biggest risk to smokers is lung cancer, and of course, other than lung cancer, smoking might also cause damage to the heart and blood health such as atherosclerosis and other problems like coughing. Smokers who started to smoke when they were in their teen and continued until adulthood, will find it difficult to quit smoking as smoking is an extremely strong addiction. Young people smoke because they want to act older and more mature as they see those adults around them smoking. Meanwhile, adults smoke due to stress and pressure because of financial or personal problems. Besides this, smoking can control one’s weight as smoking reduces one’s appetite. However, since smoking has brought a lot of disadvantages, smokers should always remind themselves that they should quit smoking. Writing down the reasons why they intent to quit smoking might work; this can lower the cravings for tobacco as smokers always get reminded by what he or she has written with regard to smoking that is not good. Other reasons might include preventing their loved ones from inhaling second-hand smoke and getting healthier by avoiding health problems. Smokers should be persistent about quitting smoking whenever they have the urge to smoke by reminding themselves the advantages of quitting smoking. Therefore, smokers must always remind themselves that smoking is unhealthy not only to them but also to their loved ones as well, in order to quit smoking
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