Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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Smoking Each year there are more and more people that start to smoke, and each year the age of the people starting to smoke becomes lower. The Centers for Disease Control (also now as CDC) have found that smoking can shorten your lifespan. It is estimated that males can lose up to 13.2 years of their life, while women lose up 14.5 years of their life. It’s known to be that 18% of high school students begin to smoke cigarettes. There are are some high schoolers that believe that if they use smokeless tobacco its okay because it isn 't as harmful are the real thing. But that is wrong because it can be just as dangerous. Of course there are still some adults that use smokeless tobacco but the percentage isn 't as high as the students. The adult percentage is just 3.5% while high school boys is 15% with another 9% of all high school students. There are different reasons why people smoke but no matter the reason there is still the risk of health problems and negatively affecting the people around them. There is about 90% of adults that have started smoking when they were just kids. Most people smoke as a way to relive their PTSD which stands for post-traumatic stress disorder. While there are others that do it because they enjoy it, but there are many that have become addicted to it and can’t stop. The addiction to smoking has to do with something in the cigarettes called nicotine. There is an 80 to 90% of people that have become addicted to smoking because of nicotine.
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