Argumentative Essay: The Dangers Of Smoking

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Your walking down the street smelling the sweet sensation of a restaurant. Pizza, then Ice Cream, Kentucky fried chicken, garlic bread then-. Oh! What is that? A new smell? Smoke. Did you know that secondhand smoke kills people as well? In that case, you didn 't, stick around to find out! So, Smoking kills 480,000 people a year in the US alone. Funny, I wouldn 't want on my record, "death my paper with "plants" rolled in it?! So as for me stating this opinion of my own, smoking not hurts you but the environment. Not only that can completely rewire your brain to make think it is "good" for you. Initially, tobacco is a worldwide problem that needs to stop. Not only cause health problem for you but it causes problems around you at well. Smoking…show more content…
To make it clear, number 1, I am not disrespecting those options of your own. As for some people they would dissent, dispute, disagree. When researching for this speeches, I mostly heard: "Smoking people will still do it and people who and don 't smoke will lose jobs. This will also take away money to the government. Sure you can take away smoking but you 're also taking away our rights! But if you think about it, making smoking illegal does take away from people smoking because you 'll end up in jail!" I would love to enjoy taking photos of the beach and visit my family rather than staying in prison for years for smoking. I think Mrs. Claxton would rather too. People also lose jobs because of smoking! Think of this. You 're going for a job interview then they check your records! It could be harder to get a job if smoke. In fact, you can lose your job because you smoke as well, even when you 're at work. Hence the fact, about taking away money from the government, the government has to clean up after the cigarette butts and water pollution from the butts. You think it doesn 't take money to clean up after things? Think again! Oh but economy! People can find something else to sell that not harm you or environment furthermore, so the economy won 't fall

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