Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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Is Vaping a safer way to enjoy smoking? Every day, nearly 4000 teenagers in the United States smoke their first cigarette (CDC, Surgeon General). Everyone has that friend that smokes cigarettes, considering the well documented side effects and medical issues associates with smoking, what continues to attract youth to such a dangerous activity? Smoking is a cancer in and of its self in teenagers, it starts out with the one friend trying it, following that a couple of those other friends try it because of the original friend, then a few more try it because of those few friends. This causes the cancer to continue to expand throughout the teen population. Never the less vaping in today’s time is beginning to become the same type of cancer if not worse. Some people believe vaping is worse than cigarettes, but that’s not the truth. The smell of an ash tray is off putting even boarder line disgusting to anyone that’s ever encountered a smoker. Even the smokers feel the same way. When vaping the smell can often be much more appealing to the smoker even the people just standing around it. In today’s market when you walk in a vape shop you are offered almost every different flavor you can imagine. This makes the appeal to teens much higher, as well as adults there is a flavor for everyone. Cigarettes do not have such an appeal, they have three to four main flavors, tobacco, menthol, and southern blend. These companies do have multiple variations to these flavors but the all branch

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