Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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Smokers, dippers, and chewers definitely smokers will wanna read the stats on risk of cancer in smokers and make the switch to smokeless.
Smokeless is as safe as driving cars the British health researchers show that smokeless tobacco is 1 to 1000 times safer than smoking. Studies have been very biased and studies have shown that smokeless risk is not elevated same as in non users.(Rodu) everyone that has studied smokeless tobacco have misinformed the public because they want a tobacco free society(Rodu). “Oral cancer is very rare in the 300 million people about 10,000 people out of the population”(Rodu). Chewers and dippers do not have a elevated risk. The things that cause oral cancer is HPV, smoking, and heavy Drinking. 3,000 chemicals are created when a cigarette is lit there are potential 28 chemicals in dip and chew. 98% of tobacco deaths are related to combustible products and the stats show that FDA approved methods do not help people quit. Smoking increases oral cancer risk by eight to ten times smoking causes leukoplakia on the underside of the tongue which can become cancerous. the risk of cancer is 1 out of 1,000. While nothing is “safe” it presents a lower risk of cancer than smoking does but the chance is still there and with some dips mostly wintergreens destroy the gums and cause gator lip or leukoplakia it is addictive people can say that it is and some say it helped them quit smoking and haven 't touched another cigarette. Which is good because cigarettes
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