Persuasive Essay On Snapchat

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their The internet is a dangerous place so i believe that it’s the most dangerous place because everyone uses it and it is also easy for people to post stuff and send photos and also talk to people so i am doing my project on snapchat which i think is really dangerous even though it only last for a few seconds . the internet is dangerous because kids really don’t know what is really on there.
Teens use snapchat to post videos and photos but the reason it’s dangerous is because some people decide to sext on there and on the internet there are perverts that want to see young girls. So they act like 15 year olds or 13 year old just so they can see them.when girls sext on snapchat they think it will just go away and they will never see it again but they are wrong.just because it last for a few seconds doesn 't mean it’s actually gone. There are some teens that realize that and then there are some teens that don’t. Who ever they were sexting to can easily screenshot what they sent them and they can do anything with them they can send it to there friends, and they can also send them to their friends and you could get in trouble if anyone finds out.
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parents try to follow in social media connections so snapchat is the only place to hide from that. I don’t know if you have heard this saying but i thinks every parent should say this to their kid once you post something on the internet it stays on the internet so i thinks that is a really good saying because it is true it will stay on there. And my last fact is that teens shouldn’t take pictures that would get them in big trouble in the
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