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This world is a great place for humans and animals, but when we use animals and resources in a wrong way then there can be a problem in the ecosystem. Animals are being hunted everyday around the world but hunters. A lot of animals suffer and the snow leopard is one of those animals. Snow leopards have been around for quite awhile, but today there are only a few left around the world. One of these reasons that snow leopards are endangered because human hunt them. There is also a good reason for humans to hunt them because the bones, skin and organisms are valuable in traditional Asian medicine. Another reason humans are to blame for is that they have pushed the snow leopards out of there habitat. They have pushed them to the mountains where…show more content…
This can also affect farmers because if there is no food than the snow leopard has to go hunt near a farm or somewhere else. Sometimes snow leopards can have a problem with climate change when the get driven higher into the mountains. As they go higher into the mountains they are more easily to hunt for humans. There fur have a high value in Asia. Even though snow leopards are endangered they hunt animals three times their own weight. Somehow these leopards can pull off a miracle, even with two leopards they can at least take down 5 animals from a herd. Snow leopards can also die by having not much food if they are high into the mountains. Since the Snow leopards were in the mountains, sometimes only males come out to hunt because it is a risk for the female and its youngs. Studies have shown in 2010 that farmers have been killing snow leopards for killings there livestock. Over the past years snow leopards have made homes in the mountain far from humans so they don’t get hunted. There was an organization put together to protect the snow leopards. The U.S spend 13,000 dollars to protect these snow leopards from hunters near them. There are cameras that record how the leopards are serving and who is hunting the leopards. Since there is cameras than they catch the hunters now so they get arrested for hunting the leopards. After this much protection the population of the snow leopards have been stabilized The importance is that these

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