Persuasive Essay On Social Change

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Find that special thing you can bring to the movement. This is the advice I received from human rights activist Cleve Jones at a speech he gave recently on Western’s Bowling Green campus. He said everyone has something special about them that they can contribute to the movement for social change and toward a goal of equality and peace for all people. Cleve Jones has fought for this goal for most of his life, and he has seen great social change occur. However, there is still much to be done. As a sophomore in college without any idea about what my future holds, I think that I would like to be a part of this movement in one way or another, so I am majoring in Diversity & Community Studies. Before doing the I-Search, I knew a little bit about the Diversity & Community Studies major. This major has the potential to lead to many different jobs, most of which seem to serve the community or society in some way. I also knew about some of the classes that are required for completion, such as a class called Public Problem-Solving that I am in this semester. On the other hand, I wanted to know more about what specific jobs this major might lead to or what skills this major would help develop. Will this major prepare me to make the kind of changes I would like to see in the world? I found that a major in Diversity & Community Studies will prepare me to make…show more content…
about the Institute for Social Responsibility & Economic Citizenship, a 10-month program which teaches students how to start their own social enterprises (). The department of Diversity and Community Studies partnered with the YMCA to allow students to go through this program and learn to create social enterprises, which are “organizations seeking to achieve social goals through sustainable profits,” (). So by being involved in programs such as this one, I could make social change in my career by being an entrepreneur of a social

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