Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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She looked at the Snapchat message one more time. Not only would she be taking her life, but the happiness of everyone else that she knew. All is took was one more glance. Although some people think that it is okay for children to have social media accounts, many only put their children in danger. So many children are posting without any sense of what it can cause. Most children that have social media accounts do not have the knowledge they should for being safe on the internet. Social media has taken over the country. Many adults have social media accounts, and so do children. Teenagers and children all over the country have apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Having these apps is not a problem, if you reach the legal age limit. So many children will lie about their own age to have a social media account. The average age to have these sites is thirteen years old. About 7.5 million people are under that age limit. In fact, about five million are under the age of ten. 1 With new technology today, people can do so many things over the phone. Texting and calling can be much more convenient than setting up a time to talk face to face. It is not secret that kids cannot interact as well as their parents can. Children spend so much time on social media or texting and calling, they don’t have that great of a skill level when it comes to socially interacting. Kids do talk to one another face to face, but they are not as great at the skill as they should be. WIth this

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