Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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With so much material floating around social networks we really do need to question what is ethically right to watch and when should we refrain from it, do we even have a limit now? In the past year, this sort of question has been posed multiple times in relation to digital images and videos which have been released, it hasn’t been difficult to find videos of Ray Rice’s domestic abuse against his girlfriend; of terrorists in masks executing journalists; of the bodies lining the streets in Paris; and then the one which really sticks in my mind of the young Syrian refugee lying lifeless on a beach as a member of the police writes a report over his body. In most cases, including those listed above, there have been appeals for people not to add to the viewership of the videos, not to contribute by sharing the images. Most of the time the appeals come from a place of respect one example of this is Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s blog on the 20th August 2014, he writes “Last night, late, on hearing the dreadful news about James Foley, I tweeted what I thought was a rather obvious, but pertinent reminder why we should not watch a video of a murder” and that “The intended effect of beheading James Foley on video is to spread fear of IS. Don 't help by watching or sharing it” (Guru-Murthy, 2014). Not only does watching these videos give the terrorists what they were looking for but it also strips James Foley of his humanity where the best way to actually pay tribute to him would be by

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