Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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These explicit pictures are very harmful to the user of these social networking websites. Posting improper pictures and posts are meaningless and can create badreputations. The self-portrayal used on these social networking sites should stay age suitable and should be acceptable with in the norms of the society and should not be creating or making fun of anybody. Socializer’s will receive more applause if they post pictures of their vacation, birthday party, or field trip. With so many teens and adults using social networking, it has been made simple to target anyone. Cyber bullying is a form of bullying that isdone through the internet and more specifically through the social networking sites. Social networks make it worse for the victims. When cruel comments are posted on a person’s posts, anybody can see them. However, on the networks there is no one to witness the ambushing. This makes it tougher for a victim to ask for help. The bully has an easier way of insulting the other because there is no threat of getting caught by any friend or family member. These kinds of social attacks are dangerous. All types of bullying are vulnerable, though cyber bullying it might be the worst so far. The victims are bullied online and the insulting comments made towards them are deadlier because computers hides faces and the majority of insults, threats, and taunting go on without aftereffects. There often is no make-up or apologies, because no one witnesses the harmful effect the

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