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Marketing is a different animal than it was in the old days. Brands have ditched postcard mailings and highway billboards in favor of content marketing, social media marketing and all things digital. Blog content creation is a big priority for marketers, as is social media. Which is good, since more than 70% of internet users over the age of 18 use Facebook, Instagram has over 500 million monthly active users and Twitter is the place to go if you want to market internationally, since the platform has four times the users as the US. We’re not even going to pretend that this article is going to cover all marketing strategies. The first “do” on the list is this: you have to be a social media marketer. So, how do you become an effective social media marketer?
Make Your Content Unique And Creative
Simply sharing your latest blog post via social is not enough. In fact, on Facebook it could be the kiss of death. Posts with links do not have as much likelihood of appearing in your followers’ news feeds as pure text or pure image posts. And, since the majority of humans are visually-oriented, the pure image posts are proven to perform better on social media. That doesn’t mean you can’t include text within the image, nor does it mean you can’t write compelling copy above the post before you share it. But those link posts? They don’t always make it
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How do you make sure it’s both? One sure-fire way is to create posts based on events and trends, and make sure you post about holidays. There is nothing wrong with appealing to a social user’s sensibilities and emotions. After all, social media is a SOCIAL thing, and people want to be surprised and delighted. One great way to post contextual and relevant visual content is to use PromoRepublic. It has a fully stacked social calendar and you can pick posts based on your industry. It’s a great tool that lets you publish great content with just a few

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