Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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Over the decades the usage of mass media for promoting political campaigns has evolved, from the type of platforms being used to the necessity of social media in an advanced world filled with technology. Franklin D. Roosevelt may have been the first person to use the then foreign concept of media for his political campaign, however, now there is not a single person in the political realm who does not use social media. As the 2018 midterm elections are taking place, the competition for California governor is closing in between five possible candidates, one of them being the only Democratic female running: Delaine Eastin. Despite being an underdog in the gubernatorial election, Delaine uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to relay her campaign, which mainly focuses on education, the economy, and healthcare for all, to the mass. As the former State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Delaine Eastin has always valued accessible education for all children in America. In her speech at the Democratic Convention, Eastin stated, “I am running for Governor of California because this country runs on other people’s children and we are failing far too many of them.” The reasoning behind this is because of the high cost needed to receive an education. In response to a tweet that calls for free college tuition, Eastin said, “When I went to UC Davis my tuition was $82.50 a semester and that included my health insurance. It is time to make college tuition
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