Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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There is hardly anything that is free in this world. Everyone is experiencing the harsh economic situation globally. There is always a need to generate some income from any activity. Gone are the days were companies like Facebook would operate yearly on losses while providing the best social media experience. These days, even the websites that insist signing up is free; there is a way you will have to pay for their services. The most common way websites and social media platforms get some money out of you is through advertisements. They bombard you with as many ads as possible hoping that at least one would attract you. Every time you click on one of those ads, there is a commission they get or a bonus as they are initially paid by ad companies to hose their ads on their platforms. Another emerging method that websites are using is what is known as mining. There are websites that use your computer’s processing power, through some ads or malware, to mine for cryptocurrency. Each time you use their websites you may notice some significant slowness as your computer’s processing power is being stretched. These are just some of the examples of how we pay for those ‘free’ applications and websites. We are however going to take an in depth look on social media advertisement and how they are the ones to pay you for signing up in their platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter all had what we would call humble beginnings. They did not have large followings as they do

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