Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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The advent of social media platform like Facebook and You Tube have provided the tech-savvy individuals an outlet to express and to interact with one another with ease today. In a way, it has generated a whole new dimension in the communication world which was not possible decades ago. Many will agree that this is part of the freedom of expression that we enjoy today without boundary. But this liberation can be detrimental too, if we are not careful with what we say or express ourselves. Recently, a controversial rapper landed in trouble with the law when he was investigated by the police for making You Tube video purportedly annoying certain religious sensitivity. In the past, the government has been hard on those who express their views seditiously and would not falter to use the available legal tools like the Sedition Act,1948 and the Penal Code to prosecute them in court. Politicians, community leaders, academician, activists including some religious scholars were all targeted and not spared. Any right thinking person may wonder, does freedom of expression entails 'absolute ' freedom? If yes, why are people still being hauled up for speaking up their minds or trying to express themselves? What exactly does 'freedom ' in this context means? One may argue that even our Constitution guarantees our freedom of expression under Article 10. Is it not self-contradictory? To assume that we have a total freedom of expression is preposterous because a further reading into Article
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