Social Welfare Vs Health Care Essay

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Once Marin Luther King expressed, “Our social welfare system is so much more than just charity. Everyone must help, whether you are rich or poor. Everyone must have the belief that there’s always someone in a much worse situation than I am, and this person I want to help as a comrade”. Martin Luther King’s statement holds true that social welfare and health care should be the act of providing something for someone who does not have it. However, the modern debate with regards to social welfare and health care is that who should be providing the means. Political leaders across the world ask whether the state itself should provide universal healthcare for their people with the assistance of their taxes, or should the health care market and it insurance be turned over to the private sector. The two arguments come face to face with the way that Sweden and the United States of America have their social welfare and health care provided. Sweden has the social health care that many left leaning political leaders tend to favor more sense it…show more content…
one main positive outcome of having the egalitarian style of equal access health care is the average life span of Sweden men and women has been increasing steadily. The average life span for a woman living in Sweden is 83.7 years and for men it is 80.1 years. This is a very important issue between the health care systems of Sweden and the united States since the average life expectancy of an adult in the United States is nearly 6 years that of a woman in Sweden at 78.8 years. Sweden attributes the increase in life expectancy due to the evidence that many of the state’s people are no longer dying from heart attacks and strokes. This is a very large accomplishment in the health care systems due to the fact that 1 in every 4 death s in the United States is attributed to a heart related illness or
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