Persuasive Essay On Social Work

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As mentioned previously, all social worker students eventually want to become licensed. In fact, most social work career jobs require the employee to have their LSW. Being a social work student in the master 's program, there are specific requirements needed for the LSW exam after graduation. There are guidelines that must be followed prior to taking the exam. In addition, there are also test preparation material for students to utilize for the exam. In addition, there are different levels for taking the LSW exam. According to the article Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Social Work Licensure: An Exploratory Study, there are four levels of social work licensing exams. Those being: Bachelor level, Master level, Advanced Generalist, and Clinical level. These exams are based on practice analysis’s that focus on job tasks of social workers. To add, the exam itself consists of 170 questions and test takers are allowed 4 hours to take the exam. The focus on the exam is to measure social work competency (Miller, Deck, Grise-Owens, Borders, 2015). Furthermore, everyone gets anxiety when it comes to taking an exam. Others have severe anxiety and there are individuals who have less anxiety. Can anxiety be based off having prior preparation or test-taking skills? Why do social workers have to take an exam to become licensed anyways? It could all be so simple if most jobs did not require the LSW license. So when did the LSW become a requirement? After looking into the

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