Persuasive Essay On Sororities And Fraternity

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Over the years sororities and fraternities have strayed away from their original, respectable activities to participate in horrendous acts of misconduct. This change could be a result of freshman college students trying to adjust to the college lifestyle; therefore, some students are pressured to join a sorority or fraternity by their surrounding peers in order to be considered “popular.” Most students wish to join Greek life to gain friendships that will last a lifetime; however, what the students do not realize is that their college years will be filled with stress, pain, and anguish. College students view fraternities and sororities as the “cool” students on campus for their parties and social events, but new members feel that they constantly have to impress their older brothers or sisters. Fraternities and sororities have taken students’ concentration away from their schoolwork and have shifted students’ focus to impressing brothers and sisters at parties and social events. Colleges should ban fraternities and sororities because of the negative effects of hazing, the high expenses, and the overuse of…show more content…
One-fourth of college students admitted that drinking affected their performance in the classroom, resulting in poorer grades and attendance problems (Jones, Nazaryan, and Sarner 32). White and Hingson contend that “about 25 percent of college students report academic consequences of their drinking, including missing class, falling behind in class, doing poorly on exams or papers, and receiving lower grades overall” (201+). College should be a place to learn and gain friendships, but alcohol and drugs take students away from learning and create false relationships. Most students whose grades fall end up losing scholarships, thus having to spend more money to retake classes which could have been passed if alcohol and drugs were not an
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