Persuasive Essay On Soup Kitchens

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A Drop in the Ocean

In this economically stable era, spending the weekends for a taste bud luxury in a sumptuous restaurant has become a phenomenon. People nowadays can easily spend over hundred just for a meal. However, there are some less fortunate in the other part of the city who are fighting for hunger. To the homeless, eating is for survival. Some of them even thought that two meals a day is a sort of extravagance. It could be days until their next meal. Luckily, there are a number of kind souls which had set up a charity project which is the soup kitchen. Soup kitchen are set up to provide free meals to people who are suffering for hunger. Things had been a little better until the moment when the Federal Territory Minister had called a stop on the soup kitchen due to the cleanliness and the raising of disease such as Leptospirosis and dengue. He claimed that soup kitchens are encouraging homelessness and it brings negative image for our nation. I clearly think that soup kitchens shouldn’t be banned for the sake of the destitute.

Unlike many of us, some of these unfortunates don’t even have a job. Living a normal life seems like a hard thing to achieve for them. Especially when part of them are handicapped and mentally challenged. Companies don’t hire them. Rejected by the society, they couldn’t even afford paying for a meal. Even though there are some of the homeless which have a working opportunity, the pay would be barely enough to pay a rent. In a city with high

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