Persuasive Essay On Space Exploration

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Humanity has always been driven to explore the unknown. Understanding every detail of the puzzling mess of stars above would be of great benefit to our future. It’s appalling when you come to realise how blind we are regarding knowledge of space. As a species, we haven’t put our all into space projects, consequently resulting in not having a proper understanding of what lies beyond our planet. Sure, we have the basic outline of what’s within the milky way, but there is a whole galaxy of possibilities out there we have yet to grasp.

We are no longer limited to only exploring our planet, gone are the days of discovering new landmasses and being the first to climb the highest mountains. Now is the time for humanity to reach higher heights and aim beyond our own planet. Space exploration is very expensive, but many people think that these costs are worth it to be able to explore what’s out there, sending robots into outer space and receiving extraordinary images of things light years away that we would never be able to picture without advancements in our space program is what many people would consider, well worth the money.

One way or another, someday the planet we all know, and love today will eventually be destroyed, consequently causing humanity to perish with it. No matter how many people say that money spent of space travel could be used to feed the starving millions around the world, it doesn’t make a difference because if we don’t spend enough on space exploration,

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