Persuasive Essay On Space Exploration

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Space exploration is a highly debated on topic on whether or not it should be funded by the government. Currently, the United States spends $19.3 billion on space exploration out of its $3.95 trillion budget. Many people argue that the money needs to be spent on other issues like health care and help for the impoverished. Space exploration is an important field that the US government needs to focus on and fund because these endeavors can provide a national space defense, push us towards the future of science and technology, and create new economic opportunities for businesses to take advantage of. The use of space exploration could be used to better protect ourselves from any attack by having more satellites in space to view the rest of the world and better detect threats. As Britannica states, “If governments decide to expand the activity in space of their armed forces, space could become another major military theatre for waging war and deploying weapons.” The United States can use space for our military benefit to detect missiles and to keep better satellite watch over other countries. The United States space corps would help make strategic decisions based on information that we can gather from satellites. Having funding for this particular section of our military would put us ahead of most countries as many countries have militaries but none actually have military in space. Britannica also states that “the availability of funding will set the pace of scientific
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