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Hundreds of disabled children and their helpers gathered together in preparation for the Special Olympics. Surrounded by many people in the stands, each school walked around the Wilson High School track acknowledging the children that would be competing that day. This organization lets kids with special needs or disabilities have a fun time in an Olympic fashion. In order to account for this large amount of disabled athletes, Wilson asks older students in middle school and high school to be helpers. To become a helper, the student must be in Student Council, or in a relating club. These students have to be trusting, mature, and responsible in order to care for a disabled child. During the Special Olympics, the helpers are each assigned…show more content…
They also served some hot dogs at the snack bar. After lunch, everyone sat down on the field to hear who had won first, second, and third place in each of the events. To avoid any emotions, the kids that did not receive a placing ribbon were each granted a participation ribbon for sentimental value.
No words can explain the happiness on these kids faces. They have the biggest smiles from ear to ear, and they have eyes as bright as stars. To see a child’s expression as they cross the finish line is something that words cannot explain and is truly priceless. Their faces resembled a child on Christmas day: excited, carefree, and full of joy. It is obvious that each and every child is genuinely having an exhilarating day.
This organization is beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it provide an exhilarating and fun day for disabled kids, it also impacts the student helpers. It allows them to experience and learn a way of life they do not experience often. On a daily basis, the average student does not have to handle or cope with a special needs child. With this opportunity, they go through the day differently, observing how different life can be for someone who has a disability. This is one of many organizations that help improve and impact our community and everyone in

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