Persuasive Essay On Sports And Sports

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In today's society sports are a huge deal, with sports comes recognition, health and so much more. I think that although sports are a fantastic thing for growing teens, they are too glorified. Too much funding and support from schools and communities goes to the sports program that will only last a child to the end of their high school career. At Royalton high school roughly $40,000 goes towards football and all the things football needs, while only $1,400 goes to the drama department. The music program and the arts program both only get roughly around $1,000 as well. This not at all fair. There are many programs out of schools that allow kids to participate in sports, but there are rarely any that involve acting, music, and art. Although sports are a great way for exercise, they are not the only ways to be healthy. Whereas the arts programs, specifically music, teach creativity, and have the benefit of helping with math and science skills. There is also less restrictions on physical…show more content…
It's been proven that music raises IQ levels and stimulates critical thinking. Also, schools in Finland have added Fine Arts to their core subjects and become one of the highest scoring countries in math and sciences. Sports are not important to a teen's curriculum. They only encourage violence and a heightened sense of competition, which is not necessarily desired. And in terms of Scholarships, a graduate is much more likely to receive, and keep, a music scholarship over a sports scholarship. “It’s true that students involved in the arts do better in school and on their SATs than those who are not involved,” write researchers Lois Hetland and Ellen Winner of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This furthers the idea that the arts make you
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