Persuasive Essay On Sports Burst

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Thirsty? When I’m done working out, I need a way to put out the fire! Sportsburst is my absolute favorite beverage when I need to cool down after some hard athletic training. This amazing drink could be even better in a cherry flavor because there is an available market for it, the flavor would be new and exciting, and it is an excellent hydration source for athletes. I myself play volleyball for Ridgefield High School, exercising and practicing over two hours each day. I never leave home without a bottle of Sportsburst in my backpack. To begin, Sportsburst is supremely good at re-hydrating athletes. Most students like myself who exercise more than an hour a day know that replacing the nutrients and minerals lost during a workout session is…show more content…
Over 60 percent of an athlete’s vitamins and minerals are lost during a workout! Some athletes, like boxers and wrestlers can lose over four pints of water during a training session. Sportsburst is proven to make sure those missing ingredients are replenished for the next day’s activities. In addition, a new cherry flavor would increase the market for teen consumption of this fabulous beverage. Teens consume most of the sports drinks available. In a recent survey at my high school, Sportsburst came in first among popular beverages. At local venues that many teens in my community attend, you can find Sportsburst at all of the concession stands. Even outside my high school gymnasium, there are vending machines where you can purchase a bottle before or after practice. Just think, with a cherry flavor, teens will be lining up at the machines, desperate for a tasty way to restock their energy! You wouldn’t want to disappoint these hard working athletes, would you? Finally, a new cherry flavor would be an incredible way to entice teens to try your beverage. I am already a fan, but with this added twist, you will be able to intrigue a whole new population of Sportsburst
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