Persuasive Essay On Sports Concussions

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Football, Americas most watched sport, is also the most played sport in the America. However, it is a contact sport that a lot of people get concussions from. This makes it a hard choice for parents who have kids who want to play football. Some parents in past would love them to, but since research has been done many people have realized that it is a dangerous sport because of the damage it does to your brain. Even with this the chance of them getting brain damage is small.

In a study by the " Sports and Fitness Industry Association," only 29 percent of kids age 6 though 12 had a least a concussion that number is falling each year. That number is falling because of new rules being set and new coaching methods. The question is still not answered should
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In 2006 Boston Children's Hospital and the leader of sports concussions Doctor William Meehan says "Given the number of kids who play, I would be really surprised if there is an increased risk. He also says "we are talking millions of players who would be suffering from this. I don’t want people to stop playing the sport due to something that is a low, low risk."

The low risk of concussions is not the only reason you should let your kids play football. For the love of the game, football is Americas most popular sport. If your child wants to play the sport then you should let him play. Don’t force your child to play a sport he or she doesn’t want to play. The game of football also teaches great team work and discipline. Anyone can ask a football player what impact has football had in there life. Physical activity is not so bad if taught the right way and 1 and 6 children are obese so getting out and playing some football are great for
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