Explain Why Trophies Should Not Be Abolished Persuasive Essay

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You walk into an eight year old’s room, which belongs to a kid name James, and you see trophies stacked in his room everywhere, almost as much as the amount of people there are on the earth. What surprises you is the labels or the purpose of those trophies, like a trophy for “Participation” and a trophy for “Playing a game”, and even a trophy for just Showing up. Realizing that the amount of trophies he has is outweighting his ability in that sport he is in, you realize that the kid is getting so many trophies that are unnecessary and invaluable in terms of the purpose of that trophy or why he got it. Trophies should not be given to everyone involved in that sport because if everyone gets a trophy, they have no value. Also, Sports organizations…show more content…
For example, in the section “The Wrong Message?” in the article, “Should Everyone get a Trophy?” by Lauren Tarshis, it states, “A student doesn’t get an A just for going to class. An employee doesn’t get a raise just for showing up to work.” Although you do what is required by showing up and participating in the activities following that day, in order to actually qualify for a reward, one should not only show up, but also do their best and show dedication and achievement. Hence, everybody given a trophy from showing up to participating a game would make a trophy overall lose value, ever to those that got a trophy for improving the most or to someone who is the most valuable person on the
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