Persuasive Essay On Sports In Schools

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“We have an epidemic of obesity in this country and sports is one of the best ways for kids to incorporate exercise in their lives…”, Jeffrey Perkel says in the article, “High school. College football comes with risks”. In the era we live in, sports represent as a big role in our society and is gaining more popularity than ever. But, many high school parents are concerned with the harmful injuries that their child can possibly obtain. Also, they worry about their child not focusing on their academic curriculum, while they only focus on their specific sport that they have chosen. However, sports can show many more benefits than negatives that most likely have a slim to nothing chance of happening. The such benefits that sports can provide to someone in high school could be meeting new people, fitness benefits, business success, education prosperity, and etc.
The first consideration on why sports should stay in schools is because many people that sign up for sports can led into various health benefits. For instance, in the article, “What in the Name of High School Football”, Hank Hill introduces the article by explaining, “The single greatest factor in preventing the nation’s #1 killer heart disease is regular and vigorous exercise, and that gets my vote.” (Hill 2) This quote explains that with repetitive workouts from sports can led into prevention from heart disease and many other different epidemics. This quote shows importance because it represents the advocation of

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