Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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There is no perfect way of testing; however there are ways that limit the mind’s creativity and ability think freely. Even with this being known, public schools around the country are having to utilize standardized testing in order to place a score to their student’s intelligence. By using this system, the students don’t develop the capability to answer the open ended questions offered in society or real-life situations. These programs aren’t preparing them for life, but rather a multiple choice survey. Programs such as the ACT and SAT are extremely impactful on a student’s future; however students aren’t analyzing the text and formulating a response, but rather deciding what bubble they haven’t chosen in a while. This measure of intelligence is defective and is short-circuiting the innovative part of the mind. An ad by Mike Keefe at The Denver Post effectively exposes how students are becoming accustomed to these standardized ways of testing; therefor making students unable to answer to the real-life questions that people ask them. Mike Keefe, artistic author at The Denver Post since 1975, has enjoyed creating ads that tell an important, influential story; thus making it possible for him to connect to the ads because of his career and belief system. One of his coworkers stated that “Keefe’s ability to distill some of the most complex issues of our times to one panel and a few words” (Simpson 2016). This anecdote towards Keefe shows his true ability as an artist. It also
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