Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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Do you struggle with taking tests? Do you wish that you never had a take a test again, well so do I? Standardized testing is a topic that many people would argue. Some people believe that all kids should be required to take these tests and that standardized testing is a good thing, but others argue that it puts too much pressure on kids. I believe that it puts too much stress on kids and it doesn’t show their full potential. Kids could be amazing writers, be very creative, have outstanding leadership, but these tests don’t show any of these talents. Standardized testing should not be required in school. Standardized testing is a test or tests that require all students to answer the same questions in a certain amount of time all the same way. The questions do not have to be high stakes tests, time limited, or multiple choice. It could be a fill in the blank or write your own response. They are organized so that the conditions for administrators, scoring procedures and interpretations are consistent and in a “standard manner”. These test usually matter a lot or the score counts for something big. As a result of this, these tests cause a lot of stress on kids. Standardized tests only measure a small portion of what makes education meaningful and what you have learned all year. It doesn’t measure creativity, critical thinking, motivation, determination, persistence, curiosity, reliability, self awareness, self discipline, leadership, courage, or honesty. It only shows what you
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