Persuasive Essay On Standardized Testing

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As a student in high school did you ever feel like the standardized test are helping you or making you get in to a better college? Have you ever thought about how many hours students and teachers spend preparing for the standardized test? Many hours and studying are being put into those test but are they really effective and are the test doing the students good in life? Standardized tests are really just to effective, teachers and students spend too much time on them and it’s not doing the students any good, and even it’s not doing the teachers any good. Standardized tests in schools today in Ohio should be stopped because they are causing for teachers to be evaluated by the test results of how the students do on the tests, they are having the students more stressed about school and do they benefit you in colleges and university and do they really look at how well students do on them test. Standardized testing are giving in many areas of the nation According to a article by “The Washington Post” “The study analyzed tests given in 66 urban districts in the 2014-2015 school year. It did not count quizzes or tests created by classroom teachers, and it did not address the amount of time schools devote to test preparation”(Layton Lyndsey). Teachers are being evaluated by students and how well they do on the standardized test. Several states have tied student performance to teacher evaluation. The National Council on Teacher Quality reported in January 2014 that “about
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